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No inferior corporate gifts
Date : 2017-12-12 11:00:36

        At present, lovely corporate gifts not only become the favorites of children, but also are popular with young people, as good and evil people mixed up, we must pay attention to details while purchasing.
        National Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision has prepared and issued the GB—6675 State Safety Regulations of Tool in 1986, revised such regulation in 2003, and officially implements the revised GB—6675 State Safety Regulations of Tool on October 1st, 2004. Such regulation belongs to a compulsory standard for tool, and relatively comprehensively specifies and explains safety marks, such as, the safety mark that “some gifts are not suitable for children below 3years old due to its performance, size, feature and the like”, it needs to specify which kind of danger would be occur if it is used by children below 3years old. For some small parts and the toys including small parts, hoodle or globule, it needs to warn with cleartext or directly stick age warning signs on the tool or package. Therefore, consumer must see clearly whether there is factory name, site, safety mark and the like while purchasing gifts, and the consumer should see whether there is Chinese manual, importer is specified while purchasing imported toys, if there is no these marks, potential risk exists in these toys, which warns consumers to not purchase. As children are back of ability to identify marks, it is suggested to purchase toys accompanying with adults.
        It needs to claim shopping vouchers (invoices) for store while purchasing gifts, ask for merchant to specify the name, brand and price of the purchased toys, if it is imported, be sure to additionally specify place of origin and the like, so as to be well documented in case of disputes in quality price.

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